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Helping the enterprises to reduce the infrastructure costs, boost productivity and improve their customer’s experience.

If your enterprise has spent tens of millions of dollars over the last ten years on technology in order to improve the institutional productivity work as well as the customers’ experience, and still surprised that your company cannot compete with the market in terms of time to market and products quality, reducing operating expenses then let Orbit2i  help you …

Orbit2i will mobilize your current enterprise legacy systems and it multisystem integration to acts as

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a one-stop solution to serve multiple different use cases.  (e.g : marketing team , sales team, field technicians,..etc)

We have the experience, the full insight knowledge and the tools to capitalize on what you invested over last 10 years in order to achieve one-stop solution for target use case and journey

This includes integration of various on premise and cloud-based systems like Oracle EBS, Salesforce, SAAP, Oracle Taleo, Kofax and MS Outlook, …..etc.

We are strong in middleware,

With our new Unified Mobile App

Maintain economically your multiple applications catering to different use cases.

Unified Mobile Application

A unified mobile application acts as a one-stop solution for the sales team as it will mobilize use cases right from recruitment of sales team to submitting and approving their expense reports purchase requisitions to managing opportunities and contacts along with respective follow-ups. This

includes integration of various on-premise and cloud-based systems like Oracle EBS, Salesforce,

Oracle Taleo, Kofax and MS

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We can help your Enterprise have understood that mobile applications can help them reduce the infrastructure costs, boost productivity and facilitate flexibility of millennial employees.

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