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One Sentence to interprets us,

We strive to create solutions

In the era of 'millennial', it is important for us, as well as all business peoples, to balance the technological trends to simplify and maximize business.6

The businesses that thrive, are investing in ways that not only meet today’s goals but to think one step ahead and placing them for competitive advantage in the future.

We are Orbit2i, we transform the ideas into a reality, a solutions, effectively, effciently.







Our Product

About Us

PT. Orbit Integrasi Indonesia is a

Technology Solution Company

Orbit2i is a specialized company, serves our customers through specialized technology solutions to reduce their infrastructure costs, enhance productivity, simplify managing, and improve customer experience.

We provide our services to small, medium, and large enterprise organization both in public and private sectors, The group also focus to evolved then

also adapted and tried to reach all the latest business industry and technologies to keep us to continuously provide state of the art service and products to our customers.

To back up our turnkey solutions we can offer a wide variety of services from planning, designing and implementing, to optimizing, operating and maintaining solutions for better performance and time-saving process, accurately.

Orbit2i ensures service superiority through several product services and also through the development of services that are arranged to the needs of solutions for customers through breakthroughs and innovations that aimed at process simplifying.

Vision, Mission, Goal


Orbit2i is a value-driven preferred partner in improving customers with complete, effective, and smart technology solutions.


Orbit2i will mobilize your current enterprise legacy systems and it multisystem integration to acts as a one-stop solution to serve multiple different use cases. (e.g : marketing team , sales team, field technicians, etc).


Supporting enterprises to lessen infrastructure costs, boost productivity, and enrich their customer’s experience.

Our Product Service

Buyr (Powered by SmartERP)

A comprehensive and integrated ERP management system, which comes with the division of several industrial businesses, so that it is precisely penetrated to all types of companies from medium-sized companies to large companies and developed perfectly suits to customer needed.

Track and Truck

Track and Trucks is a one stop solution for logistics, a dynamic environment where transporters get connected with load owners in real time. Not only that facilitate the connections betweet them, we also oer the help of the latest technology, GPS tracking of the cargo, electronic proof of delivery, GeoFencing and instant notications.

Track and Trucks operates the largest truckload freight marketplace in the Middle East. There are over 10,800 registered companies and individuals transporters from all over the GCC that already deal on Track and Trucks Marketplace.


FoodCourt is a simple application for a food and beverage industries, its simply cut the culture sequence of ordering food and beverages at a mall, or a restaurant. These apps reduce time cost-eective more than order the food through the waitress, with the simple design and great user experience order your lunch from your own phone!

SmartWeb and SmartApp (Coming Soon)

PT. Orbit Integrasi Indonesia

Jakarta Equity Tower, 49th floor, Equity Tower,

Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, Kavling 52-53 (SCBD), Jakarta, 12190, Indonesia